Million people worldwide are victims of forced labour

people were identified as potential victims of trafficking (UK 2015)

of these were children (UK 2015)

The Anti-slavery Day Act 2010 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to introduce a national day to raise awareness of the need to eradicate all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. Anti-Slavery Day is 18 October.[1]

The main provision of the Act reads as follows:

Anti-Slavery Day

The Secretary of State shall by order made by statutory instrument specify a date which shall be observed each year as Anti-Slavery

  1. The purpose of Anti-Slavery Day shall be to—
    1. acknowledge that millions of men, women and children continue to be victims of slavery, depriving them of basic human dignity and freedom;
    2. raise awareness amongst young people and others of the dangers and consequences of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation and encourage them to be proactive in the fight against it;
    3. draw attention to—
      1. the progress made by government and those working to combat all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation, and
      2. what more needs to be done.
  2. In this Act “slavery” includes—
    1. trafficking for sexual exploitation,
    2. child trafficking,
    3. trafficking for forced labour, and
    4. domestic servitude.

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Unchosen are our featured organisation for Anti-Slavery Day.

Unchosen is a unique charity that uses short film and animation to tell people about Modern Slavery in the UK.

Their powerful videos are an ideal educational resource.

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