Why Philosophy for Children (P4C)?

Improves teaching and learning for the lasting benefit of pupils, teachers, schools and communities. P4C builds higher order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills. It creates respect for others, promotes engagement with learning and enhances...

Ofsted and Global Learning

Ofsted states; ‘Every child growing up in the UK should have the chance to learn about the world around them, the facts of poverty and underdevelopment, and about the potential to build a freer and more prosperous world’ Ofsted School inspection update Dec...

Fairtrade Pupil Conference 8 March 2016

Tuesday 8th March, 9.30-12pm at Wells Cathedral KS2, KS3 & potential for KS4;  £1.80 per pupil DOWNLOAD THE POSTER FOR MORE INFORMATION Activity-based event to get pupils collaborating to broaden their learning around everyday items & the people stories behind...
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