Narrated by Eldith Murdoch.

A brief set by Steve Rigley & Jo Petty asked to create a Cultural Guide to the United Kingdom.

This video highlights cultural icons that one would traditionally consider to be associated with the UK. Their true origins are revealed. The objects are portrayed in heavily stylised vector drawings, as to highlight their apparent familiarity to UK residents.

This film has a tone of instructional kid’s TV: an immigration relations officer for the police told me that the children in immigrant families learn to integrate much quicker than the adults, and thus act as a conduit to the parents. This format also delivers the information in a way which isn’t patronising.

Instead of being aimed at immigrants or migrant workers, this is a ‘cultural guide’ for every citizen of the United Kingdom; explaining that the UK has prospered as an effect foreign input.

This film is through to the semi-finals of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Fingers crossed.

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