We have lots of unique resources that can bring global learning to life.
Global Bites
A Global Bite is a simple, short, informal activity designed to get people of all ages to think about global issues. You don’t need teaching expertise to organise and run a Global Bite at a fete, fair, meeting, holiday scheme etc.

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Global Resource Loans
Our resource library includes books, posters, leaflets, artefacts and photo-packs. There are activity notes to help, which make it possible to use the Collections with little or no knowledge of the country they focus on. Use them not only as a global resource but to develop your learners’ skills of reflection, analysis, observation, presentation, discussion, sharing, in an imaginative and fun way which also broadens their knowledge and understanding of the world and their place in it.

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Climate Action Resources and Campaign

The GLADE Centre (CODEC) has been collaborating with Reboot the Future  on teaching guides to accompany a series of short films – following the lives of five young people who, over the next five years, each play a role in rebooting the future. The guides suggest activity to support discussion with teenagers,  to ignite a sense of optimism, tap into their imagination and creativity, and inspire them with positive and personal ways of engaging in climate action.  View resources and short films

Speak Out for Climate Action - SDG 13

The GLADE Centre has put together this Climate Change challenge to encourage people to Speak Out about the climate crises. We help CONNECT, CHALLENGE & CHANGE with a series of resources and activities for use with teenagers, families and community groups. The idea came about after being a partner in a funded project with colleagues at Leeds DEC (CODEC).

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Global Youth Action case study - COMING SOON

We encourage youth practitioners to:

Help CONNECT young people to the global issues that matter to them. We support them to make the links between the personal, local and global, and to connect with peers who share their passions and concerns.

Encourage young people to CHALLENGE themselves, to gain a more critical understanding of the world around them, and to challenge inequality and injustice.

Support young people to plan and take action to bring about positive CHANGE towards a more just and sustainable world.

Top Tips for Virtual School Partnerships - COMING SOON

To help teachers with school partnerships, The GLADE Centre has drawn together some of our top tips around how to keep a school partnership active.

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