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Connecting Classrooms

What is Connecting Classrooms?

Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme, which offers:

  • School partnerships – get the support you need to build a sustainable relationship with a link school
  • Professional development for teachers – get equipped to tackle global themes in the classroom with our fully funded, regional face-to-face workshops and online courses
  • British Council International School Award – gain recognition for your school.
  • A growing community, over 5,200 schools and 936,000 young people across the world have participated in Connecting Classrooms.

Why take part?

Connecting Classrooms equips students with a deeper understanding of:

  • other countries and cultures
  • their rights and responsibilities as global citizens
  • the skills needed to work in a global economy and build a fairer, more sustainable world.

Teachers also benefit from:

  • gaining understanding of other countries’ education systems
  • being better equipped to teach about global issues
  • improving their own teaching skills.

Next Steps?

To find out more please visit our Connecting Classrooms project page, or simply contact us and let us assist you with any questions, and in bringing Connecting Classrooms into your school.

Global Learning Programme (GLP)

What is the Global Learning Programme (GLP)?

The GLP is a ground-breaking new programme which will create a national network of like-minded schools, committed to equipping their students to make a positive contribution to a globalised world by helping their teachers to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Why take part?

Schools participating in the GLP will experience the exciting impact that knowledge and understanding of global learning can bring to pupils’ learning across the curriculum. The GLP will also help schools develop an ethos promoting tolerance, fairness and respect.

Teachers involved in the GLP will work with colleagues in local schools to drive forward global learning across the curriculum, share best practice and engage in funded CPD opportunities.

Next Steps?

To find out more please visit our Global Learning Programme project page, or simply contact us and let us assist you with any questions, and in bringing the Global Learning Programme into your school.

Makutano Junction

What is Makutano Junction?

Makutano Junction focuses on raising students’ and teachers’ awareness of development issues in the partner countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia and UK) through multi-media learning activities based around a highly popular, award-winning Kenyan TV educational drama series – Makutano Junction.

Why take part?

Teachers across the UK face the challenge of embedding global learning across the curriculum. Makutano Junction has an exciting range of teaching materials to help teachers meet these targets.

Classroom activities include viewing genuine extracts from the Makutano Junction soap opera, which help engage young people with global issues; discovering similarities, challenging stereotypes and raising awareness.

Next Steps?

To find out more please visit our Makutano Junction page, or simply contact us and let us assist you with any questions, and in bringing Makutano Junction into your school.

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