Global Teacher Award Course – available online as a live, interactive course!

Global Teachers Award; gain recognition for global learning classroom practice

The Global Teacher Award course builds teacher confidence and competence to bring global learning into their teaching. Teachers and HLTAs /TAs gain recognition for their global learning classroom practice.

  • Key Global Concepts – exploring the fundamentals of global learning
  • Perspectives – questioning pupil’s and teachers assumptions
  • Approaches to Learning – developing critical thinking skills
  • Applying learning – in the classroom, the curriculum and beyond
  • Measuring change – tools for evaluating impact & monitoring progression

Created and owned by the Consortium of Development Education Centres (CODEC), the original GTA trainers were accredited by Liverpool Hope University.  For over 12 years, this course has been delivered to teachers in the UK, to project partners in Europe and International School teachers. First endorsed by Oxfam in 2009, from 2013-2018 the GTA course was included as a CPD offer in the Global Learning Programme (GLP), quality assured by IOE, London. 

From 2019 -2021 the Global Teachers Award is approved by the British Council for delivery within Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning* (CCGL) continuing professional development offer. This means that there is funding available for educators in state-funded nurseries, schools and FE colleges to complete the course and gain recognition for their classroom practice.  The Global Teacher’s Award (GTA) supports teachers in developing the skills, confidence and practical approaches to increase global learning within the curriculum, and to promote active global citizenship for sustainable development.

Live, online course dates with The GLADE Centre

Autumn Term 2021 

During Autumn Term,  The GLADE Centre is endorsing funded courses being run by our colleagues in CODEC for the Global Teachers Award-1.  For GTA course dates during Spring Term or for a cluster of schools email GTA Lead Trainer Lynn at

The Global Teachers Award-1 (at intermediate level) is available free to teachers in state-funded nursery, primary, special and secondary schools in England through CODEC, with priority for those in SUPPORTED PARTNERSHIPS or with grant funding by the British Council within Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning.  View course dates for England and how to book at:-
Places are limited and by making a booking, you commit to attending online sessions.
Cancellation policy is in place.

For details of other courses in the south west region – open to independent schools as well as state schools, for the Global Teachers Award  please email the Trainer; Lynn at  



Autumn Term 2021; do you lead and inspire global learning in your school or locality?

GTA-2, gain recognition for leading and inspiring global learning

Register your interest in the  Global Teachers Award-2 by emailing the trainer Lynn at Dates confirmed for Autumn 2021 for invited teachers with GTA-1 recognition to take part in GTA-2  Build confidence and get support to inspire and influence colleagues. Gain recognition for leading global learning in your school and locality. 


*”This project is part-funded with UK aid from the British people. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) pursues our national interests and projects the UK as a force for good in the world. We promote the interests of British citizens, safeguard the UK’s security, defend our values, reduce poverty and tackle global challenges with our international partners.”

Global Teacher Award -1 Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • increase their ability to understand and critique the knowledge base and key concepts associated with education for a just and sustainable world [global learning]
  • identify a range of different perspectives and question the assumptions behind them
  • enhance their understanding of the approaches to learning which promote critical literacy
  • develop practical ideas for incorporating new insights gained into their personal lives and work-related roles
  • justify incorporating global learning in the curriculum and include activities to measure changes in attitudes of their pupils in relation to certain global issues

Feedback from across the country:-

“Helped me to think critically, ask more questions, be open-minded”

“Absolutely brilliant, loads of ideas and activities…. I was engaged as a grown-up but also used the same activities in the classroom”

“Useful for self-reflection, I rarely get a chance to do this as a teacher”

“Would love if this had been a core module during my PDE. One of the most enjoyable and inspiring things I have done this year”

You can find out more about the Global Teacher Award at

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