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We at Glade pride ourselves on delivering Global Learning and Development Education to the Somerset community, and we hope that you do to.

If you would like to support us then please read on:

How to donate online

If you would like to make a donation online via PayPal please click the Donate button below.

How to donate by post

To make a donation by post, please send a cheque made payable to:

The GLADE Centre
Resources for Learning
Somerset TA6 4RL

Why Support Us?
  1. GLADE is a small, effective and efficient charity with a wealth of development education and global learning experience, to share with others.
  2. As a non-government organisation we can focus on issues that are important to Somerset schools and communities rather than chasing government agendas.
  3. We focus on ‘people’ and sharing their everyday stories to inspire others; people stories behind everyday items, people who have made difference, empowering people to make changes for the better in their own lives and those of others.
  4. We strive to challenge misconceptions about each other, here and overseas, promoting solidarity, respect and understanding.
  5. We raise our own funding which we use wisely to deliver services and meet our charitable aims.

We would like to extend our thanks to individuals and organisations currently providing us with in-kind and financial support including.

British Council

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