Community Activity

Are you planning your events and talks programme for the next year?

Would you like your members to be enthused and excited after the talks?

We offer a wide range of illustrated talks and activity workshops for community-based groups.

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  • All talks are illustrated, many with activities and hands on items or photos. Each talk provides opportunities for questions.
  • All our presenters are experienced with a friendly approach. Typical duration is from 45 mins to 90 mins. Longer available.
  • As a charity, we rely on donations and selling our services to maintain the charity. Illustrated talks are provided on ‘donation to GLADE’ and ‘travel expenses payment’ basis.
  • We are unable to provide free activity workshops at this time, and will make a charge for these, contact us with likely numbers so we can negotiate a cost.
  • We pride ourselves on quality and inspirational delivery that brings global issues to local and appropriate contexts. Please do contact us to discuss variations on the listed workshops and talks. Bespoke workshops or talks designed to your specification are also available.

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Let us assist you with any questions, and help to bring global learning to your community.

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