Save the Children works in 120 countries. They save children’s lives. They fight for their rights. They help them fulfil their potential.

Children have a unique voice – they talk about issues clearly and simply.They also cut through technical jargon and are not interested in politics. They just want things to change. Decision-makers do not usually come into contact with children so when they do, they often find it refreshing, and they take notice of what children say.

Girls and boys in many different situations around the world have organised themselves to take collective actions and to promote and support their rights.They have succeeded in making their parents, local communities, media, local and national governments, and the international community aware of their concerns, priorities and solutions.

Children can participate in advocacy in different ways.They can be involved in advocacy that is led by adults on issues concerning children, or they can be empowered to be advocates themselves. Organisations that work on issues affecting children need to move from talking for children to giving children opportunities to speak and empowering them to speak for themselves and their peers. Save the Children is enabling children and young people to have a voice in the issues that affect them and their peer group worldwide.

This guide consists of two complementary manuals: the Facilitator’s Manual and the Participant’s Manual – designed to be used together.


  • The Facilitator’s Manual is aimed at anyone who is designing or facilitating an advocacy workshop, including people who don’t have much experience as trainers or as advocates. It contains information on how to design, plan and run a workshop, plus individual session plans.
  • The Participant’s Manual contains background material on each topic, case stories, and references to further resources. It is a resource guide for both facilitators and participants.



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