Retrospective look at Armistice Day. “The greatest day in all history: How they took the news of Germany’s surrender in the largest cities of the world.”

High angle shot of large crowd of people moving through a city street. “Armistice Day – Eight years ago in Paris – ” High angle shot of a Paris street full of people. Confetti (or tiny pieces of paper) is thrown from a window.

High angle shot of large crowd seen on street below. M/S of group of soldiers holding rifles marching through a city street. An American flag is held aloft. “In London –”

High angle shot of large crowd smiling and waving handkerchiefs. Closer shot, camera pans across happy children’s faces – small flags are waved. “And in New York – ”

M/S of celebrations – a handwritten sign is attached to a post. It reads: “We’ve Got the Hun.” (Change from positive to negative material)

High angle shot of large crowds – looks like a repeat of the London scene. Repeat of the panning shot of celebrating children and New York segment.

Note: intertitles have the word “Curiosities” at the top and “The Movie Side-show” at the bottom. This is one of the”Walter Futter’s Curiosities” in the Eve Pic collection – American films which it appears Pathe bought then retitled for use in the U.K.

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