Armistice Day in 1920 – funeral of Unknown Soldier as coffin is brought from France to London Cenotaph.

Soldiers carry coffin out of (church?) building and load onto wagon. French soldiers. French cavalry rides toward camera on tree-lined road; 2 pairs of soldier behind carry wreaths. Funeral procession in street of town: coach draped in white; w/ black plumes; etc. Mourners walk behind; guys in black suits; also 2 women in black cloaks. British; French soldiers w/ wreath.

Looking down at sailors on deck of ship. LS ship; long; low; fast moving. Sailor by British naval flag on moving ship. Tracking shot ship moving. Sailors at work on deck. Tracking shot past concrete naval station & real island in distance. Shot of just island. Shot from high place; on shore; ship approaches; comes alongside dock. Closer same.

Looking down at funeral procession moving along on tracks on quayside; lines of soldiers on either side; ship on left.

This next section looks like it was shot at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London. Looking down on big procession. 3 lines sailors either side; wagon w/ coffin draped in Union Jack; various people stand in middle; including row of priests. Closer shots of parts of last shot: sailors walking; coffin w/ row of officers. King George V. LS pan on whole area; troops; choir? in front of large long building; huge thing draped in flags in FG. Male royalty (King George V with his 4 sons – Prince Edward (Prince of Wales), Prince Albert (Duke of York), Prince Henry (Duke of Gloucester) and Prince George (Duke of Kent); Duke of Connaught; etc.) in uniform come out; take places. Monument uncovered; 3 Brit military flags on it. Princes lay wreathes. All follow coffin. See also G 720.

World War One. Funerals; military. Monuments & memorials.
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