LICENSE — Please show this film in schools and other educational settings! By watching, downloading, showing or distributing this film, you agree to the following license:… which basically means you are most welcome to download the film and show it for educational purposes with a few restrictions.

DOWNLOAD — HD film can be downloaded here:
If you need a higher res versions please contact [email protected]. Please notify us about your offline usage so that we can keep track of the number of users, and potentially help promote your great work!

DVD — version can be purchased here:

CREDITS — The film was produced by Wingspan Productions.

ABOUT THE FILM — This is a free documentary for a fact-based worldview. The visualizations & stories in this film were originally developed by Gapminder. The data-sources are listed here:

It was first broadcasted on BBC on 7th of November 2013.

Director & Producer; Dan Hillman, Executive Producer: Archie Baron. ©Wingspan Productions for BBC, 2013.
A DVD version of this film is available to order from Wingspan Productions.

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