‘Fairtrade Matters’, is a glimpse into the lives of two Malawian tea farmers. Putting a face to the people that make the products we consume.Looking at the everyday challenges they face and the difference Fairtrade makes to their lives. Shot in southern Malawi in November 2014

An HLA Production

Director: Will Robson-Scott
Producer: Tim Daukes
Editor: Adam Biskupski
Camera operators: Will Robson-Scott & Ivan Oglivie
Sound Recordist: Lucy Pickering
Original score: Elsham Music – Tom CC & Arthur Jeffes
Additional music: “The Smallest Piece” & “End of the World” by Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin courtesy of Fox Music
Creative Agency: Good Agency
Post/Grade: The Mill
Sound design and Dubb:Soho Square Studios

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