Held on 21st, 24th, 25th and 26th June 2013

All Cof E primary schools in Somerset sent their Year 6’s for a day of learning and doing at Wells Cathedral, to help prepare them for their transition to secondary school. GLADE was delighted to be asked to include an action-packed workshop in the wide range of exciting activities the children experienced.

GLADE chose a workshop focussing on the Millennium Development Goals, using Zambia as an example of a country making progress but still struggling to meet some of its goals. ( The MDGs are the targets the United Nations has set countries from all over the world to reach by 2015 and include reducing hunger, achieving 100% enrolment at primary school level, improving health facilities and well-being, and much more. )

We made full use of Glade’s wonderful Zambia Collection – a treasure chest of original Zambian artefacts and photograph – to illustrate how Zambia is faring in reaching its targets. The children worked hard to create mini-exhibitions illustrating the different targets and relating them to children’s rights. By the end of the workshop not only did they know a bit more about Zambia but also had a better understanding about how the MDGs interconnect and how children all over the world could benefit from their achievement.

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