Calling all community group leaders, young leaders, and volunteers. Are you on the look out for new, fun activities for your group?

Join one of our FREE short courses and learn some global bites – new games, crafts, quizzes, – activities to make people think about the serious issues that face our world today.

Leaders of groups of all ages welcome – WI, brownies, scouts, youth clubs, lunch clubs, church groups, Rotary etc – who want to take the activities back to their groups, plus volunteers who might help GLADE deliver global bites at fairs, fêtes and meetings across Somerset.

You can also bring along young members of your group who aspire to help others and want to run small group activities themselves. This is an ideal, supportive way to get them started.

Along the way you will learn techniques for getting people to talk, and grow in confidence yourself, as well as finding out more about the global issues that affect us all.

We are planning two courses, one in Bridgwater and one in Yeovil. Each will comprise three one-day workshops. Choose the course which suits you best – see details below; venues to be arranged.

Saturday 20th April 2013
10am – 3pm
Day 1Thursday 13th June 2013
10am – 3pm
  • Get to know the group.
  • Try out a variety of global bites.
  • Select bites to try with your group
Saturday 18th May 2013
10am – 3pm
Day 2Thursday 18th July 2013
10am – 3pm
  • Resources for your chosen bites.
  • Techniques to get people to think and talk.
  • Programme. Practice. Plan.
A chance to try out global bites at your own club meetings or by helping GLADE at fetes, coffee mornings or other events.
  • Between Day 2 and 3 deliver your bite; we will give you the support you need
Saturday 13th July 2013
10am – 3pm
Day 3Thursday 5th Sept 2013
10am – 3pm
  • Come and tell us how you got on, and what you plan to do next.
  • Invent new bites and share them.

Interested? Then let us know:
Ring 01278 439347 or email [email protected] or complete the form on the Global Bites training combined Flier.

Please contact us for further information.

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