Embracing the World’s InDeed Campaign for Nature is all about action. It’s about putting Amma’s practical suggestions — about the way w e might use the earth’s remaining resources, and the way we interact with the natural world — into practice in our own lives and our own communities. It’s about what each of us can do, right now, in our own backyard, to help restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature. Get started today at embracingtheworld.org/indeed

Help restore the lost balance between humanity and nature through 6 easy commitments.
1. Conserve Water
2. Reduce your carbon footprint
3. Plant a tree
4. Grow your own vegetables
5. Carpool
6. Build a house for birds or bugs

Embracing the World’s InDeed Campaign for Nature has been officially recognized by UNESCO as a project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

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