We are delighted to announce that all 9 volumes of the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning are now fully open-access.

The journal is free to read and free to write for – there are no author processing charges. There will be two issues per year.

Based at the UCL Institute of Education, this internationally peer-reviewed journal publishes the outcomes of research and current debates on development education and related concepts such as global learning, global education and global citizenship.

It is an academic response to the increased public and educational interest in learning and understanding about the wider world.

The journal offers critical perspectives from around the world about research on educational initiatives seeking to develop greater understanding of the reasons for global inequality and how global issues affect everyday lives.

It is edited by Dr Clare Bentall, Associate Director of the Development Education Research Centre at UCL Institute of Education.

You can access the journals here:  International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning

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