Over 400,000 people took to the streets of Manhattan as a unified front against climate justice inaction. Diverse perspectives converge as a popular movement unfolds.

Directed by Meerkat Media Collective

Produced by: Alex Mallis, Bryan Chang, Zara Serabian-Arthur
Editor: Alex Mallis
Additional Editing: Bryan Chang, Jay Sterrenberg
Cinematography + Sound: Adam Pogoff, Alex Mallis, Alison Brockhouse, Bryan Chang, Chloe Gbai, Dara Messinger, Eric Phillips-Horst, Jay Sterrenberg, Jeff Sterrenberg, Samin Sajadi, Zara Serabian-Arthur

MayDay Space
Judson Memorial Church
Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
Culture Strike
Damayan Migrant Workers Association
Naomi Klein
Kyle Depew
Logan Price

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