The story of a lost piece of debris, struggling to find her place in the vastness of space. An illustrated short story. Day 11 of ‘A Place Called Space’:

Download the audio piece:

Thousands of pieces of man-made debris hurtle through the space around our planet. Are they just junk?

This tale of a piece of troubled space debris comes from the creative mind of Nina Garthwaite. As this lonely shard floats through the abyss and encounters an orbiting cloud of nefarious space chunks, can she find purpose in her perpetual circles of planet earth?

Illustration by Tuchi

To learn more about the science and story of space debris, take a look at Dr Stuart Grey’s visualisation, released on day 7 of A Place called Space:

‘A Place Called Space’ is the 2015 Royal Institution advent calendar. Every day in the run up to Christmas we’ll be releasing an original piece of content exploring the human experience and cultural significance of space travel. With hand-drawn animations, experiments in zero gravity, interviews with astronauts and creative data visualisations, the calendar will fire you into space every morning.

‘A Place Called Space’ channels the voices of seasoned astronauts and expert scientists through the eyes of a team of talented animators, film-makers and artists, bringing you a thought-provoking gem to kick-start each day.
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With special thanks to our lead supporter, Wellcome Trust.

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