As a boy growing up, Samuel Mugisha dreamed of being a part of the Rwandan national cycling team, Team Rwanda, as he believed it would be a way to help make money for his family. What he discovered was something else entirely. In a country trying to get over the trauma of a genocide, Team Rwanda represents a lot more than sport.

Made for AJ+ /
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Director / Producer: Orlando von Einsiedel
Producer: Harri Grace
Cinematography: Franklin Dow
Fixer: Jean_Pierre Sagahutu
Film Editor: Katie Bryer
Composer: Patrick Jonsson
Sound Design: Rob Hardcastle
Colourist: Franklin Dow
Executive Producer for AJ+: Aloke Devichand
Executive Producer for Grain Media: Jon Drever
Production Co-ordinator: Nick Rowley
Production Manager: Amelia Franklin

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