Let the Devil Sleep is the story of four individual’s unlikely journey of confession, forgiveness and reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda.

The Rwanda genocide of 1994 saw people murdered at a scale and at a speed not seen since World War II. Approximately one million people were killed, primarily from the minority Tutsi ethnic group.

The damage inflicted by the genocide went beyond the loss of life. It left the country violently divided and highly traumatised. Towns and villages were split between those who took part in the genocide and those who lost family members.

Such was the brutality of those 100 days that long after the killing had ended, the question remained: how could the people of Rwanda ever be reconciled?

The film tells the story of how TrĂ³caire’s partner the Commission for Justice and Peace helped to bring together perpetrators and survivors of the genocide, building reconciliation between them.

Filmed on location in Gikongoro and Kigali, Rwanda, January and February 2014, Let the Devil Sleep is the work of Alan Whelan, Eoghan Rice and Elena Hermosa.

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