GLADE are actively seeking teachers in the Somerset area, who would be interested in taking part in the Makutano Junction Project, a multi media approach to global learning that underpins the 2014 curriculum framework. For KS2 & KS3 teachers who would like to be involved in developing, testing & using new and innovative teaching activities for global learning that revolve around film & multimedia.

Teachers across the UK face the challenge of embedding global learning across the curriculum. And there are an exciting range of teaching materials to help teachers meet these targets.

Classroom activities include viewing genuine extracts from the Makutano Junction soap opera, which help engage young people with global issues; discovering similarities, challenging stereotypes and raising awareness.

Here is an example activity for you to try.

Activity 1: Exploring Kenya

A class based activity exploring where we get our information about and perceptions of Kenya from. It then uses Makutano Junction to examine and challenge those images or perceptions, and leads on to researching other sources of information, and comparing them.

Please download the following resources, and then watch the video below.

Resource 1 – Exploring Kenya

Resource 2 – Explore Kenya Resources

We hope that you enjoyed this activity, and you’re not the only 1! Here are some comments from students from the South West.

“It’s lush!”

“We expected Kenya to be really poor, but there are skyscrapers and that as well”

“When Red had her nails and hair done, I wouldn’t have expected them to have that – we wear fake nails; I didn’t think they would”

“I thought the men would dress in dresses, but they don’t – they wear trousers. some wear jeans, like us”

“I didn’t expect there to be market stalls, like in Eastenders”


There are 20 activities available, and they cover a wide range of global, development, and social topics:

Exploring Kenya, MDGs and Me, The Structure of Soap, Living with HIV/AIDS, Malaria Matters, Grow your Own!, Red’s Relationship, Money and Livelihoods, Rights or Wrongs?, Soaps and Stereotypes, Alcohol, Intergenerational Issues, Adolescent Male Issues, Sexual Harrassment and Consent, Democracy for all?, Child Slavery, Energy and Global Warming, Rites of Passage, Tourism and Sustainability, Over to You.


Would you like to know more? Please contact Lynn Cutler who will be happy to advise – [email protected]

You can find more information concerning the Makutano Junction project here.

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