Nowruz is an international celebration of spirit of hope and renewal for the peoples from the steppes of North Western China, through the mountain ranges of Iran, the Caucasus and Mesopotamia, to the urban centers of India, the valleys of the Balkans and for the worldwide diaspora.

The vernal equinox on March 20 or 21 is arguably the most beloved holiday of Persians, Kurds, Afghans, Azerbaijanis, Tajiks and many other nationalities or religious groupings of Central Asia, foremost among them the Zoroastrians. The word Nowruz, which as a result of geographical or historical variation is pronounced and spelled in all possible ways including Navroze, Newroz, Norouz, Nevrooz, Nevruz Navruz, Nawruz, Nauryz, Navrous, etc., literally means “New Day”. It is the New Year’s holiday of ancient, pre-Islamic tradition. Several dozen millions of people honor and celebrate Nowruz wherever they may have moved in today’s world, including America, Africa, Europe or Australia.

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