Ofsted states;

‘Every child growing up in the UK should have the chance to learn about the world around them, the facts of poverty and underdevelopment, and about the potential to build a freer and more prosperous world’

Ofsted School inspection update Dec 2015 issue 5

Global Learning Programme (GLP) is recognised by Ofsted as working with schools to ensure children have these opportunities. By association as an approved provider of CPD and a Global Learning service provider in our own right, GLADE is included in this recognition.

During an inspection, it should be possible for your school to make the connections between the 4 core judgements and SMSC, to evidence how global learning support from GLADE (resource loans, CPD and mentoring, teacher accreditation through Global Teacher Award, classroom workshops etc) and GLP delivers to outcomes for pupils and school provision within the Ofsted criteria.


With this in mind, we have restructured our CPD provision and pupil experiences workshops to ensure we help you meet Ofsted criteria as well as delivering to wider teaching and learning priorities.

Download CPD mapped to Ofsted criteria and available through the Global Learning Programme

Download Oxfams publication:- SHOW OFSTED THE WORLD, How Global Learning can help schools meet the new Ofsted criteria

Ofsted’s spotlight on global learning – A school’s involvement in the Global Learning Programme (GLP) could now play an even more important role in the outcome of its inspection. Link to NAHT article








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