What is Human Development?

Main Image Attribution: “Candy in Damascus” by Elisa AzzaliCandies. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is like a farmer create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish.

Ken Robinson

Diversity of opinions is not what is stopping people from living together in harmony. Stupidity is.

Sameh Elsayed

Human development is a well-being concept within a field of international development. It involves studies of the human condition with its core being the capability approach. The inequality adjusted Human Development Index is used as a way of measuring actual progress in human development by the United Nations. It is an alternative approach to a single focus on economic growth, and focused more on social justice, as a way of understanding progress.

We use this area to explain what the term means to us.

In our own words as educators, we define the term, and we guide our learners through accumulated knowledge and experience.

We fully utilise pre-produced videos, lesson plans, and teaching materials that we have assessed for quality.

We become both educators and curators, providing a professional frame of reference through which global learning can be better viewed and understood.

This is an opportunity to monitor the huge amount of online resources that have been funded and produced by NGOs’ and corporations’.

We can then compare these resources to our educational standards, and promote access to only what we adjudicate to be the very best for learning.


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