Planning to Fit the Event

The event that hosts your Global Bite

Some practical considerations

One of the strong points about Global Bites is that in fact you are NOT running the show; someone else is. You are taking advantage of the ready made audience this brings you. But of course it means that you have to fit in with their date, and if they are poorly organised this may impact on the success of your work. Here are some watchpoints for various scenarios.

Giving talks to interest groups

“Speakers” are often booked in a long time in advance. “Speaker” and “Talk” conjure up the idea of a formal, static lecture, maybe with questions at the end. Don’t be afraid to overturn all this and deliver an active session – people love it. They won’t fall asleep! At the very least, top and tail a session with a global bite. Unless you are very well known you are unlikely to be offered a fee; although there might be a small donation. You should get your travel expenses if you feel you want them – if you do, check beforehand about the process for this.

Concept of “aid”

Organisers often assume that your aim is to collect money for a global charity. Whether you are offering a group session, or signing up for stall at a fête, etc., make it clear from the start that your aim is awareness raising, not fund raising. If you are offered a “donation, make sure it is clear whether this is meant as a fee for you, or at least to cover your personal expenses, or is a donation to charity. If it is the latter you could end up personally out of pocket – which is OK if you are happy about it, but you need to know.

Charges for market stalls

Sometimes fête organisers require a fee from stallholders. Explain that you are providing activities for children, and not taking money or selling things, – the organisers may be willing to waive the fee. It is worth discussing.

Your volunteers

If there is an entry fee for the event, you need to make sure that your volunteers can get in free of charge, or that they are happy to pay. If they do have to pay your best bet is to find enough volunteers to put them on rota which allows volunteers generous time for enjoying the whole event.

Other arrangements

Especially if you have volunteers to help you, do make sure you find out beforehand what happens if it rains (Do you need your own gazebo? Is there a wet weather alternative venue?), what tables and chairs are provided, whether there are refreshments on site, what happens about parking and toilets etc. Make sure people helping you have all these details, plus map and post code, and your mobile phone number in case of emergencies.


Ask about insurance for the event. Make sure you are adequately covered. If you are working on behalf of an organisation that organisation should itself have public liability insurance which covers it for activities off its premises.

Criminal Record Bureau checks (CRBs)

If the event will bring you into contact with children or vulnerable adults, you must be CRB checked, and so should your helpers. If they aren’t (or are waiting for it to come through) make sure you are always with them when they are working with children or vulnerable adults.

Here are some extra notes to help you plan for specific scenarios:

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