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Ross Morrison McGill is a deputy headteacher in a well-known inner-city school in North London. He is the author of 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons and is an award-winning teacher (Guardian Teacher of the Year in Secondary School in London 2004), and a former SSAT Design Technology Lead Practitioner. He is responsible for improving the quality of teaching and learning and has a national profile as the leading contributor and organiser of online CPD within a growing community of education professionals.

Ross is regularly asked to reflect on educational developments in The Guardian newspaper, who recently recognised him for having, ‘one of the best online-blogs of 2012’. This was recently re-affirmed in January 2014; when he was acknowledged for having the most influential educational blog in the UK (circa. 50-60th in the world). He is also a member of The Guardian Teacher Network adviser panel, where he writes his own blog series. His website, articles and TES resources exceed 2.5 million views collectively (circa. November 2014).

You can follow Ross on Twitter @TeacherToolkit or join in @SLTchat which he created to bring together, over 700-1000 aspiring and senior leaders online, every Sunday across the UK. He is also the creator of @SLTeachMeet, a senior leaders version of TeachMeets; and @MyEdHunt which is a small revolution for teachers and schools to find their own employment, for free! He has just started offering online CPD webinars and publishes his own resources.

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Or visit Teacher Toolkit, the blog of the most followed teacher on Twitter today.

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