The refugee and migrant ‘crisis’ has been in the headlines for the last year – but is it really a crisis? In this film I take an alternative look and ask what it really means for you, me and the future of our way of life.

Scroll down for links to all sources for all facts and data used in the video.

Written and Directed by Adam Westbrook

Eva Alisic
Tracey Elliot
Caroline Vanier
Nafees Hamid
Guy Gunaratne

Funded by the Global Young Academy.

French subtitles: Otiko Bagaturia
German subtitles: Otiko Bagaturia

Craig Warren
Joel D Canfield
Dean Whitney
Matija Dukic
Nick Randhawa
Chris Schaefer
Kieron Tarrant
Robert Moran
Max Romey
Kriti Sharma

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Featuring footage from “The Train” by Clara Cullen
(Released under a Creative Commons Licence)

Library of Congress
Trocraire on Flickr (cc)
Antoine Beauvillain



Fresh Eyes on the Refugee Crisis

In 2015 alone, more than 1 million refugees and migrants came ashore, the majority escaping the conflict in Syria:
Official figure for 2015: 1,005,504 – Institute of Migration:

Europe has a population of 508 million people:
EuroStat, official,_2014_(thousand)_YB15_II.png

Europe’s population increased 0.19%
1,005,504 / 508,000,000 x 100

70 years ago Europe was handling 31 million displaced people
Porter, Anne “Ghosts of Europe” p. 281

Europe’s shrinking birthrates:,_EU-28,_1961%E2%80%932013_(%C2%B9)_(million)_YB15.png

Europe’s ageing population:,_EU-28,_2001%E2%80%9314_(%C2%B9)_(years)_YB15.png

Economists are saying immigration is essential for Europe’s labour shortage:

Immigrant families contribute more each year than they take out:

Immigrants in Denmark raised wages and quality of life for locals:

This isn’t a migrant crisis, it’s something else

We wouldn’t have any greek influences or science if it weren’t for the Arab World
Lyons, Jonathan “The House of Wisdom: How the Arabs Transformed Western Civilisation”

Western values, institutions etc are neatly summed up in the UN Declaration of Human Rights (1946) and the European Declaration of Fundamental Rights (2000)

Fukuyama, Francis The End of History (1992)

Estimates of jihadists leaving Europe

Daesh have formed the largest volunteer fighting force since World War 2

Daesh are selling an inspiring message

Jihadists are motivated by “sacred values”

People in the west are not inspired or motivated by western values

Nothing angers and frustrates Daesh more than seeing Syrians and Iraqis welcomed into the west.

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