For the 68th General Assembly, we were asked by the United Nations Post-2015 HLP Secretariat to create a short animation that helps summarise their new global development agenda and to inspire positive change.

We worked in partnership with a number of illustrators, as we were keen for the animation to feel open source and handmade. Creating this piece meant everyone in the team embraced the collaborative spirit that the agenda calls for.

Client: United Nations Post-2015 HLP Secretariat
Agency: Conran Design Group & Havas Worldwide
Account Manager: Lauren Berlamino
Creative Direction: Thom Newton & Jamie Neale
Design & Direction: Reuben Armstrong
Project Manager: Chris Horwood
Concept: Jamie Neale & Reuben Armstrong
Copywriting: Howard Fletcher
Illustration: Dan Jacobs, Jack Parys, Reuben Armstrong, Adam Broome, Ronald Santiago, Yvonne Deslandes, Jane Armstrong & Jessica Seal
Animation: Reuben Armstrong, Jack Parys, Jonny Burton & Ronald Santiago
Compositing: Reuben Armstrong, Jack Parys & Jonny Burton
Edit: Reuben Armstrong
Music: Bower Brothers

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