Improves teaching and learning for the lasting benefit of pupils, teachers, schools and communities.

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P4C builds higher order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills. It creates respect for others, promotes engagement with learning and enhances educational development.  In P4C the teacher facilitates a pupil-led discussion on a philosophical question generated from stimulus materials and driven by pupils.

Through Global Learning Programme funding, schools now have access to approved P4C training for teachers, at no charge, to help pupils develop the skills and values / dispositions needed for global learning and be able to use P4C as an approach to exploring complex and often controversial global issues with their pupils, enabling them to make up their own minds about what to think and do.

Try it out with an Entry-level P4C taster workshop or gain post graduate qualification through P4C Foundation Level 1.

Download P4C opportunities available through GLADE using GLP e-credits for payment.

Research Highlights Philosophy for Children (P4C) from SAPERE, including areas where P4C can make a difference



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