Interested in fully funded CPD, access to a global network, and grants for overseas visits?

British Council LogoThe new British Council Connecting Classrooms programme focusses on teaching the core skills which help young people develop the skills, knowledge and values to thrive independently in the 21st century. Schools are uniquely placed to enhance these and Connecting Classrooms offers a fully-funded learning journey to support teachers to meet this challenge.

Teachers commence the learning journey with a fully-funded core skills training course which takes place over one school term, with some face to face and classroom based learning.  Training is available at central locations across the UK and can also be arranged at your school for groups (minimum schools apply) at a time convenient.

Teachers participating get access to international networks of like-minded teachers and can at any point during the year apply for a £3,000 grant (per UK school) to visit professional partners overseas to collaborate on international learning. Visits take place during school holidays with lots of opportunities throughout the year to visit participating countries

Those completing courses report improved learner engagement and interest  in the classroom and they tell us the experience has equipped them with additional skills and expertise that they didn’t have before.  Some of these are now commencing international visits to share and deepen new approaches in collaboration with overseas partners.

What are the core skills and why do we need them?

Schools Online LogoConnecting Classrooms offers six core skills encompassing a range of competencies including ways of working (such as communication and collaboration), ways of thinking (critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation), and also tools for working (digital literacy), to ensure teachers can prepare learners to become responsible, well rounded global citizens able to live and work independently in a global economy.

Connecting Classrooms now offers more schools and teachers:

  • Free CPD training to enhance your CV and career potential
  • International Professional Partnership opportunities to broaden teaching perspectives
  • Enhanced practical, skills and approaches to teaching and learning
  • Deeper subject knowledge to equip pupils with core skills for life and work
  • Improve and develop new teaching and evaluation techniques and methods

If you are interested, check out our video, which discusses Connecting Classrooms’

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