The world is in the middle of the most serious refugee crisis since the Second World War. More than 60 million people have been forced to flee their homes by terrifying conflict and violence, millions more by natural disaster and poverty. These are people like you and me who have often been torn away from their families, children who are on their own. People have been forced to leave their lives behind, often taking just the few possessions they can carry. People who have been pushed into poverty by circumstances beyond their control. The majority of these people – more than 40 million – are displaced within their own countries . Many more shelter in neighbouring countries. Others are forced to risk their lives on treacherous journeys to seek refuge further from home. We can protect and save lives by standing together with those forced to flee. With your help, we can make sure they have the life-saving help that they need. And we can push world leaders to act now.

Now is the time to Stand as One:

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