Talking through the Issues

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour rationale for embarking on the delivery of Global Bites is to inspire the people you work with to connect with global issues, to challenge their preconceptions, and to challenge the way they think about the world. More than that, your hope is that some might change their behaviour in a very small way – for example by buying fair trade goods; monitoring their water use, or changing their stance towards international aid.

The impact that your “Global Bite” has on them will depend largely, and for some of the bites wholly, on the level of discussion of issues you manage to engender. How do you achieve this? Here are a few guidelines we hope might help.

  • Allow a chance for discussion. Eg, keep crafts simple so that they do not need too much concentration; encourage parents to join in with their children rather than just leave them in your care; arrange displays so that you can stand nearby.
  • Have background material which has strong impact readily to hand. Photographs and artefacts are more compelling than words. Display them so that people involved in an activity can look up and see them.
  • Be bold. Say (looking at a display) “That photograph makes you think, doesn’t it?” or (as you give the answers to a quiz) “Did that answer surprise or shock you?” etc.
  • Start discussion with adults while the young children in their care are engaged in activity. But don’t underestimate the capacity of small children to join in.
  • Have handouts ready to reinforce the discussion. Keep them short and simple. They are particularly useful when people are in a hurry to leave, or it is crowded.
  • Make sure your information, especially any statistics you use, is up to date.
  • Make sure handouts provide leads to further information or action, through website addresses etc.
  • Other people joining in the discussion might know more than you. Remember this and let them be your best advocates.
  • Evaluate your success, and modify the materials you use for the next time you use them.

Type of Event

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Choosing your Bite

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