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 Here’s our entire selection of Global Bites.

A Global Bite is a simple, short, informal activity designed to get people of all ages to think about global issues. You don’t need teaching expertise to organise and run a Global Bite at a fete, fair, meeting, holiday scheme etc. CONNECT through the activity, CHALLENGE by talking AND CHANGE what you do 

Our codes may help you to find the bite you need: TJ: trade justice, fair trade, air miles, workers rights, enterprise. HR: human rights, children’s rights. Env: environment, habitat, biodiversity. Pov: poverty, sustainable development goals, enterprise. Cult: culture, identity, immigration, diaspora communities, power. Ster: challenging stereotypes, different perspectives. Country: focus can be on any specific country. All: bites which can be used to tackle any issue.

Crafts & Making Things
  • Making Marigolds: (Mexico) Env, HR. Celebrating places and living things we are in danger of losing through habitat loss and extinction. REPURPOSED FOR ONLINE
  • Beadmaking: (Ghana, Zambia,) Env, TJ, Pov, Cult, All. Minimising waste and adding value to waste – COMING SHORTLY
  • Rag Rug (Zambia): TJ; HR; Pov. Made in most countries, and by our grandmas! Very easy. Individuals or pairs.
  • Adinkra Printing (Ghana): Cult; Country. Borrow GLADE’s “Talking Cloth” collection.
  • Worry Dolls (Guatemala): HR, Pov, Country.
  • Papel Picado (Mexico): Cult, Ster, Country.
  • God’s Eyes (Central America): Pov, Cult, Country. GLADE’s Mexico collection includes exciting artefacts which bring these crafts to life, plus background material and instructions for many more crafts too. Good as a circus of activities.
  • Make a football – and use it! TJ, HR, Pov. Borrow GLADE’s football “Global Bite” resource. Very easy, quick, and effective.
  • Make your own World: All. Lots of ways of making “worlds” from colouring a simple circle to a complex willow mobile.
  • Tip Tap for Hand Washing: HR, Env, Pov, Cult, Ster. For washing hands before eating at fêtes and coffee mornings. A challenge to make!

Download our tips on Crafts and Making Things!

Quizzes, Maps,& Photos
  • Coffee Quiz: FT, HR, Env, Pov. Coffee is just an example – we give you tips on creating a quiz which inspires discussion.
  • Whole World Cake: FT, HR, Env, Pov. GLADE has plenty of Fair Trade resources available for schools.
  • Where on Earth..? All. Lots of variations on this easy map “Global Bite”. Very quick. Ideal for conference breaks, youth club settings.
  • Using Photos: All. GLADE can help you with photo packs and ideas for using them effectively.

Download our tips on Quizzes, Maps & Photos!

Artefacts & Displays
  • DIY Exhibition: All. Making people really think about artefacts.
  • Cookers Around the World: HR, Env, Pov, Cult, Ster. Use of wood and charcoal, and the health implications of smoke, are global issues.
  • Action Display: All. An activity with a display that makes people think.

Download our tips on Artefacts & Displays!

Games, Songs & Activities
  • Water Calculator and Water Game: HR, Env, Pov, Cult. Ideal activities for outdoors – available in GLADE’s water activity collection. Use alongside the Tip Tap.
  • Activities for very young children: All. Storybooks are available from the GLADE collection; colouring in pages; make your own secret book.
  • Storytelling: All. Improvised using the listeners’ ideas, or use one of GLADE’s many storybooks.
  • “This is the way we…”: Specific country. Use with GLADE’s starter boxes; children look at similarity and difference in everyday tasks.
  • Mancala and other board games: HR, Pov, Cult, specific countries. GLADE’s oware collection includes 8 sets – it’s a great game played all over the world.

Download our tips for Games, Songs & Activities!

Giving a Voice
  • On the Line: All. A great way to inspire energetic discussion. We help you choose statements to use.

Download our tips on Giving a Voice!

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