About Vision of Humanity

We are in an epoch different to any other epoch in human history. The problems we are facing are global in nature. They include climate change, ever decreasing biodiversity, full use of the fresh water on the planet and underpinning all these – overpopulation. Without peace we will be unable to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and social equity required to begin solving these challenges, let alone empower the international institutions needed to regulate them.

Vision of Humanity is a strong proponent of the need to further study, advocate and act on peace. It groups together a number of interrelated initiatives focused on global peace which enjoy the support of a wide range of philanthropists, business people, politicians, religious leaders and intellectuals. It brings a strategic approach to raising the world’s attention and awareness around the importance of peace to humanity’s survival in the 21st century.

This website is the place to view the maps and ground breaking peace research from the Institute for Economics and Peace. Written by expert contributors and by staff in our global offices in Sydney, New York, The Hague and Mexico, we also present fresh perspectives on current affairs reflecting our editorial philosophy. With this re-designed platform Vision of Humanity continues to grow and flourish, at our core the belief that there will always be a place for the study and advocacy of peace.

Steve Killelea, Founder and Executive Chairman, IEP

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