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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour starting point is likely to be the global issue you want to raise – see the examples below. (Some Global Bites relate to almost any issue, others are much more specific.) Then narrow down your choice according to the event at which you’ll use it, and the age range you expect. Our case studies (see bottom of page) may help.

You’ll probably need to fine-tune your chosen Global Bite to fit your particular purpose and event. Even if the activity can be exactly as described here, the background materials may need to change to focus on the issue you are exploring.

Keep a lookout for events coming up which may suit your needs. Avoid “preaching to the converted” – for example, a fair trade coffee morning may not be the best place to promote ideas about fair trade – a more general coffee morning will bring you new faces.


You are trying to promote Fair Trade

Your target audience is: older people who shop locally. Events you could look out for are: Coffee mornings; U3A general meeting. Global bites you might use: A quiz; “Where on Earth . . ?”; Activities for very young children; Whole World Cake.

OR Your target audience is: Families who shop at supermarkets. Events you could look out for are: Large, less local events – eg Bath and West Show. Global bites you might use: Whole World Cake; Photo Quiz.

You are raising the profile of Water Aid

Your target audience is: People who will give money through their rates. Events to look out for are: Parents at a holiday scheme; Luncheon club. Global bites you might use: Tip Tap for Handwashing; Water Calculator; Water Game (with children).

You want to stir up interest in Zambia links

Your target audience is: Local church children go to a primary school with a link. Events to look out for are: church fete; harvest home or similar; community event at a linking school. Global bites you might use: Action Display; Photo Quiz; children’s display of “This is the way we…”.

You want to help Sightsavers collect people’s unwanted pairs of spectacles

Your target audience is: Older people throwing out reading glasses. Events to look out for are: U3A general meeting, Rotary Club meeting; church coffee morning. Global bites you might use: Action Display using Sightsavers materials, perhaps with a quiz.

You want to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on poorer countries

Your target audience is: Teenagers learning about climate change at school. Events to look out for are: youth club session, lunch time club. Global bites you might use: Make your own World; Photo Quiz.

OR Your audience is: Adults in Transition Town Group. Events to look out for are: Transition Town’s monthly meeting. Global Bites you might use: Cookers Around the World; “On the Line”.

You want to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals

Your audience is: All ages (families) who have no current knowledge. Events to look out for are: local fete or fair. Global bites you might use: God’s Eyes, Rag Rug, Worry Dolls; Make your own World.

Other things to consider

How much are materials going to cost? Can you get them for free? Will you need volunteers? How and where will you find them? Do they share your passion? How or when will you brief and train them?

Case study 1: The Bath and West Show
Case study 2: Youth Parliament Meeting
Case study 3: Gardening Show
Case Study 4: Coffee Morning

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