Themed Collections

We have collections available which contain material from several different countries, all relating to one theme.

Costs for borrowing any of the Themed Collections are:

1 week loan £15
2 week loan £25
1 month loan £45

Please note: Downloadable item lists are indicative of the collection, the actual contents may differ slightly.


Global Numeracy Collection

Contains books, photos, posters, maps, artefacts and games illustrating the importance of understanding numeracy and the role of mathematics in a variety of cultures.

Oware Collection

Oware is a game originally played in Ghana, which goes under a number of different names in other countries. It is one of the world’s oldest games and is played in some format on every continent of the world! Also known as Isolo, Mancala, Bantumi, Kalah, Bao. The pack consists of information about the game, together with web links and enough Oware sets for a class tournament. A game to engage even the most reluctant learners in developing numeracy skills.


Inspiring stories with connections to global issues which can be extended by using GLADE’s Country Collections. Each story is brought alive through objects, clothing and fabrics and photos, in an extensive ‘story sack’. Stories include;

A Triangle for Adoara
A story game about shapes and fabrics, complete with materials and artefacts.

Talking Cloth

A contemporary story about traditions, culture and knowledge of the Ashanti people. The collection includes 5 copies of the story book, photos, fabrics and posters.

Nutmeg Princess

A Caribbean story about two children, a nutmeg orchard and a mysterious princess. The pack includes jigsaw maps, artefacts, photos and activities based on the story.

Kofi and his Magic

A story about a young Ghanaian boy visiting places in his country through his imagination. The collection includes information about the Oware game, Ashanti designs and Kente blankets, as well as maps and photos of Ghana.

Rama and the Demon King

The story of the brave prince Rama and his battle against Ravana, the evil ten-headed king of all the demons. Included with the pack are costumes, maps and an information wallet on Divali and Hinduism.

A Right to Play Collection

An informative collection of materials that looks at one of the most important Child Rights; the right to play. Posters, activity packs, stories and teaching materials bring this important right into the school and classroom.


Southern Africa Music

Instruments and recorded music from South Africa and surrounding countries in the Southern African region. Information leaflets, games and websites contribute to this multimedia collection.

West Africa Music

Many different instruments from across the region, together with photos, information, CD’s, CD ROM’s and cassettes. This pack illustrates the vast range of materials and ideas that contribute to music-making in West Africa.

Arts, Crafts & Design

Eritrea Bag and Basket
Household items and clothes from Eritrea.

Sustainable Living

3Rs Toys Collection

A selection of games and toys that make use of re-used, recycled, reclaimed materials. An informative collection of supporting materials that consider how children the world over learn through play.

3Rs in the Home Collection

Not reading, writing and arithmetic, but Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Lots of countries make excellent use of materials that have been re-used, reclaimed, recycled, to create a more sustainable way of living, often these are brought together in the home. An informative collection of everyday items used in homes around the world; covers issues such as waste management and environmental education in the context of sustainable living.

India School and Play

Toys, games and books to illustrate patterns of play in India. The pack contains posters and photos, as well as examples of toys and games for children to use.


Galimoto is a toy vehicle made from wire. This collection contains some examples of galimoto and a teaching activity pack to explore the issue of waste and recycling.

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