Mine workers in sub-Saharan Africa have the highest rates of tuberculosis in the world, with more than 760 000 new cases per year connected to the mining industry. Undermined explores the river of TB flowing out from the mines, and why a vaccine is critical to the global fight against this disease.

With so much at stake, the world needs to dig deeper for solutions. Find out more here: aeras.org/undermined/

Executive Producer: Kari Stoever
Produced by: Rake Films, Aeras
Directed by: Mo Scarpelli
Director of Photography (NY interviews): Chetan Patel – vimeo.com/chetanhpatel
Director of Photography (South Africa interviews): Skyler Reid
Cinematography: Jonathan Smith, Chetan Patel, Skyler Reid
Second Camera: Devin Pinckard, Gareth Pon
Cinematography/Direction of Matokiso’s story in Lesotho: Margot Leger, Tyler Wallace for Voice Campaign (voicescampaign.org)
Gold Timelapse: Etienne Desclides
Edited by: Mo Scarpelli
Animation: Mo Ghayour
Sound Design: Doug Kaufman

Additional footage provided by: Anglo Gold Ashanti, Voices Campaign, Library of Congress

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